Storytelling Is the BEST POSSIBLE Way to Capture Hearts and Minds!

Storytelling is big. Everyone is talking about it. 

In fact, so much has been said about the power of story that it should seem to be common sense to everything we do. 

And therein lies the problem: most people may know a "good story" when they hear one, yet few people understand how to use the power of story to connect and influence others. 

From those we lead to those we want to connect with, story has the power to transform and create the response we want.

People tell stories all the time, but it doesn't mean they are actually telling good stories or, worse, the right ones that will capture attention and create change.

Think about this: you may think that the story of who you are or what you are passionate about is about your history or facts and statistics.

But what about how to capture the story of why others should care?

How will people be able to understand why it matters to them?

This is how attention and influence are garnered. This is how change happens.

The science of storytelling that captures our imaginations and draws us into taking action isn't elusive, but it does have some vital, simple elements.

Without them, everything falls short. 

And when you only get one chance to influence an individual or audience, you don't want to lose the opportunity - all because you didn't realize how to use the science and art of storytelling.

Those missed opportunities could be:

  • your team NOT fully understanding why that BIG project that could be a game changer - and why their part is important
  • NOT being able to leverage the centre stage opportunity to share your cause or story at the conference you finally got in to
  • NOT being able to prove to your team why they can trust you, stay with you and how you help to meet a need they have
  • your charity or justice cause NOT being understood or supported by potential donors and advocates because they can't grasp the human element of your mission

You get the picture, right?

It's big. 

When I started Live Different back in 2000, the single thing that set us apart in the minds and hearts of a nation was our story. We told it often and captured hearts, dollars and, most importantly, changed how the future began to unfold. 

When I started trying to figure out story, I didn't realize what I was doing. I knew that I needed to capture attention and get results if we were going to survive as a charity, but I was stumped as to how to do it succinctly and with confidence.

The story seemed so big that I couldn't understand how to make it applicable to all of the different audiences and groups I was trying to get in front of.

I also had a staff and team of more than 20 people that I needed to learn how to inspire and, even more, stay inspired beyond the dark and difficult days of trying to sustain the whole thing.

As I began to break down and study successful storytelling, a path emerged. I saw how I could not only use it for our organization - but I could help others learn how to use it, too. 

Now, after thousands of hours spent teaching and mentoring others , I have seen the power of storytelling change hearts and minds around the world. That has resulted in some significant success: 

  • As the founder of the one of the biggest youth humanitarian empowerment charities in Canada, I helped to create the story that has led to over 7000 people committing time and finances to humanitarian projects because of the power of story
  • I have personally coached over 250 young leaders to learn how to identify and communicate their stories to use in sales, public speaking and written communications
  • Working with international NGO's and social change organizations to help them create presentations for audiences around the world, based on the power of storytelling
  • As a published author, my work has been used by numerous individuals and study groups looking to learn how to tell and change their story
  • As a professional speaker and communicator, I've spoken to hundreds of audiences on three different continents and used story to inspire, delight and create change

And I can help you to learn how to use the power of storytelling to change hearts, capture attention and create change. 

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  • David Goorevitch, The Frangipani Project
    Christal’s storytelling propelled seven of us into making a film about child traffickiing in Thailand. Her storytelling was simple, personal and urgent, and it hit each one of us like a brick: “My silence is my consent”.
    David Goorevitch, The Frangipani Project
  • Michelle Woolfrey,  Professional Speaker and Disabilities Advocate
    Working with Christal took me from feeling lost and not understanding how to find the story I knew was there to learning how to put it together, how to better understand my audience AND has led me to speaking and touring across Canada speaking on behalf of organizations of change.
    Michelle Woolfrey, Professional Speaker and Disabilities Advocate
  • Erin Marshall, YLCC Leadership Camps
    Christal is an absolute joy. We always hear the most positive feedback about her sessions from our conference attendees. She is easy to talk to, identify with, and as such, she is captivating and engaging.
    Erin Marshall, YLCC Leadership Camps
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