Each Life is Unique. So is Each Story.

That's why I offer two different types of coaching and mentoring programs. 

I work with aspiring and seasoned communicators to help them get clear on their message, understand how to use the power of their story and then get out there and change the world. This isn't about me creating a presentation for you. This is about me helping you understand what you want to create FIRST - and then give you the tools you need to make it amazing.

But not everyone is ready to get out there and share their story.

Some people really want to understand how to get clear on what they want life to look like in the first place. They need someone who will get them there with clarity and inspiration. I also create individualized coaching programs for clients who want to first figure out what they want in life!

Find out how I can help you move further, faster. 

And how amazing life can look from the other side.

  • Working with Christal is the perfect balance of teaching, encouragement, challenge and inspiration. My time with her has truly added to who I am as a person and where I will journey to in the future.
Speaking Inside Out Communication Mentoring
$150 per session

Christal will work with you from start to finish on your presentation/workshop idea

Includes personalized planning template, Individualized presentation layout, post-presentation follow up

Transformational Life Coaching and Mentoring
$250 per month

Get clear on what you want to create in your life NOW

Make those goals reflect who you REALLY are