Leadership is kind of a like an iceberg: the segments that visible are only about 10% of the possibility that exists. 


How do we develop it in a way that's true to the individual, yet honours what we want to create as a whole?

Training can seem formulaic when it comes to personal development; one size does not fit all.

Life doesn't work like that and neither does lasting change. 

Yet, the challenges of working together are real. They show themselves in many different ways:

  • personality conflicts that impede progress on projects
  • environments that can become toxic and close minded
  • boredom and lack of engagement when we feel like no one cares about our work
  • differing strengths that can't always balance each other out
  • difficult attitudes being influenced by stress and overwhelm 

When these challenges are ignored, they don't slowly fade away. In fact, the opposite happens: teams lose their ability to see past their challenges and the environment can begin to feel unsafe. Trust can deteriorate when we feel misunderstood, disregarded or under pressure. 

Whatever we focus on expands.

When we are focused on how situations or relationships make us feel disempowered, frustrated or insecure our view of what's possible is clouded. 

Sometimes to the point of disappearing out of sight.

Chances are, you don't need another "program"; you need something that reaches past the symptoms and recognizes what's unique to each individual life.  

Something that will help mindsets to shift and possibilities to open up. Something that gives your people the tools they need to accomplish their goals and do work that matters. 

The answers we seek are not easy, but they can be attained through simple shifts of perception and insights.

I can help make it much easier for you.  


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  • Christal has the ability to captivate hearts and imaginations with what's possible. Her audiences always leave knowing what the next step is that they need to take in order to create the story that they want to live out.
    Lorraine Zander, Faze Magazine
  • Christal is an absolute joy. We always hear the most positive feedback about her sessions from our conference attendees. She is easy to talk to, identify with, and as such, she is captivating and engaging.
    Erin Marshall, Ontario Student Leadership Conference
  • "Christal's ability to help her audience see how they can change the stories they are telling themselves is a NOW message for business and life."
    Dr. Deborah Nixon, www.Mymoneymindset.com
  • Every person in attendance was captivated by her every word. Not only is Christal an incredible public speaker, but she is also an incredible human being.
    Erica Altomare, Queen’s Project on International Development, Queen’s University

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