• Erin Marshall, Ontario Student Leadership Conference
    Christal is an absolute joy to have at the Ontario Student Leadership Conference. She has become an integral part of our speaker line-up each year, and we always hear the most positive feedback about her sessions from our conference attendees. She is easy to talk to, identify with, and as such, the students find her message captivating and engaging. Her positive attitude and kind demeanour make her wonderful to work with.
    Erin Marshall, Ontario Student Leadership Conference
  • Erica Altomare, Queen’s Project on International Development, Queen’s University
    Every person in attendance was captivated by her every word. Not only is Christal an incredible public speaker, but she is also an incredible human being. She was able to connect to the students and get her inspiring message across, while still providing entertainment and comic relief.
    Erica Altomare, Queen’s Project on International Development, Queen’s University

Find out how Christal Can Help You INSPIRE Your Students and Community

Finding a speaker for your youth event is a big decision.

You get one shot at it. If they connect with your audience, it’s a win.

If they don’t…well,  just the thought of lost opportunities can make your hands get clammy.   

Having a keynote speaker that’s able to inspire an audience to become a better version of themselves is a critical part of many events.

Something magical happens when there is an authentic connection between the person on stage and the audience in front of them.

When that happens it can seem like time stands still.

People begin to see the world in a different, more inspired way.

I live for those moments because I seek to create them every time I speak. 

As a keynote speaker I am able to:

  • Expertly use the power of humour, story and emotional engagement to take your group on a journey of self discovery
  • Draw on 18+ years of youth leadership in creating and leading global change
  • Leave your attendees charged with their own insights and action plans on how they can transform their story and their world
  • Above all, work with YOU to make your event transformational

I have been a professional speaker for 16 years (in fact, I co-created revolutionary experience in campuses all over the world). I have spoken to thousands of students, emerging leaders and young professionals.

Young leaders are my specialty. They have incredible passion, potential and purpose. 

Sometimes they need the right opportunity, timely word or encounter to propel them forward to become a better version of themselves. 

That's where I can help. 

What to Expect When You Hire Christal To Be a Keynote Speaker


Are you looking for a speaker that will captivate and inspire your audience in a refreshing way?

Do you want them to leave convinced of the power of their own lives and vision?

In 2016, I am offering the following keynotes and workshops. Each keynote has been designed to be flexible enough for time (between 45 and 90 minutes), audience, and venue (stage presentation or workshop format).


Let’s make YOUR event a BRILLIANT success through the power of inspiration!